Our Mission:

"To instil physical and life skills that will help children succeed in sport and in life".

A word from the GymKats Owner, Ashley Adler:

GymKats is the intersection of gymnasticschild development  and sport psychology.  

I began coaching gymnastics, both recreational and competitive, more than a decade ago. I have had the privilege of coaching infants to adults, and working with children, including those with intellectual disabilities, to reach new levels of success through gymnastics.

Although my coaching background provided me with the practical and applied knowledge to influence development, it wasn't until I completed my Master's degree at Queen's University in Sport Psychology, that I truly began to understand the realms of possibility for positive youth development through sport.  

This practical and theoretical knowledge led to the formation of my long-term dream: 

GymKats: a facility that offers the ideal blend of gymnastics and positive youth development that provides an environment for children to play, learn gymnastics, and be active.