Cubs Drop-In (Walking to 3 years old)

Cubs Drop In will return in Fall 2017.

Kats (from walking to 3 years old) can attend out Cubs drop-in class designed to allow Kats the freedom to explore:

  • Different patterns of movement

  • Creativity

  • Problem-solving

  • Social relationships 

  • Being active


A parent/caregiver must be present in the gym for the entirety of the drop-in class, as it is not led by an instructor (a coach will be present to ensure safety).  


Parents must complete a waiver form prior to the drop-in.

If a caregiver will be bringing your child, please complete this form and have the caregiver bring it to the drop-in.

First Visit: $15 ($10 for currently enrolled GymKats)

Please note, if a child attends more than two drop-in dates, a GymKats Membership Fee is due ($25), for insurance purposes.  The fee is valid for drop-in and classes until June 2017.




Drop-In is provided on a first-come, first serve basis - a maximum of 12 children are permitted in the GymKats Jungle at one time.