The GymKats Coaching Team

GymKats owner

Ashley Adler, Owner

A bit about me:

Favourite Gymnast: Dominique Moceanu
Why I Love to Coach Gymnastics: I love to see children grow and develop confidence as they reach and set new goals.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Roasted Marshmallow
Favourite Animal Walk: Bear hops (bear walk with one foot in the air, travelling)
What Inspires You: My parents - they are both so hard-working, creative and they inspire me to always push my own limits.


Alex G.

A bit about me:

Favourite Event: Bars

Favourite Gymnast: Shawn Johnson

Why Do I Love to Coach Gymnastics: I love coaching because I love kids and I love seeing how proud they are after learning new skills.

Favourite Food: Burrito bowls

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Chocolate caramel

Favourite Animal Walk: Penguin

What Inspires You: New experiences and memories


Anna C.

A bit about me:

Favourite Event: Bars
Why I Love to Coach Gymnastics

I love coaching gymnastics because it is a rewarding profession where I get to: 1) share my energy, love, and passion for the sport with others, 2) teach children not only gymnastics skills, but skills important for everyday life, and 3) watch children grow, learn, develop, and gain confidence over time through gymnastics and active play. 
Favourite Animal Walk: Penguin waddle 
What Inspires You: My family and close friends 


Deanna C.

A bit about me:

Favourite Event: Floor

Favourite Gymnast: McKayla Maroney

Why I Love to Coach Gymnastics: Includes two things I love—gymnastics and kids!  

Favourite Food: French fries 

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Mango 

Favourite Animal Walk: Bear walk  

What Inspires You: Seeing the smiles on kids faces when they learn a new skill


Kai H.

A bit about me:

Favourite Event: Trampoline
Why Do I Love to Coach Gymnastics: I love watching people grow as athletes and people. Skills learned in gymnastics translate to other sports, and the discipline and hard working attitude and behaviours translate to other areas of life, as does learning how to take critiques and corrections.
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Mint Chocolate
What Inspires You: Children inspire me. They're so resilient, and honest. They are the future and coaching them allows me to be a part of the future, to help shape it by helping to shape the people they will become.


Emma D.

A bit about me:

Favourite Event: Beam
Favourite Gymnast: Alicia Sacramone
Why I Love to Coach: I love seeing the development and improvements children make throughout the session.
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Raspberry 
Favourite Animal Walk: Crab walk
What Inspires You: I get inspired by all of the gymnasts who work so hard to get better at gymnastics.