Lions and Cubs I (18 - 24 months)

Click here for the Lions and Cubs 1 Parent Information Letter

Parent/caregiver & tot programs provide active environments for children to explore gross and fine movement patterns, elementary gymnastics skills, and circle time.

*Gymnastics elements are introduced informally and do not require follow-the-leader skills.  


Lions and Cubs I classes focus on:

  • Providing exposure to rolling, somersaults, hanging on bars, being upside down, balancing on varied beam heights

  • Learning to manipulate, catch, and throw objects - hand-eye and foot-eye coordination

  • Introducing social skills, listening skills, and follow the leader skills


*Note: Classes are 45 minutes in length, divided into musical warm-ups, gymnastics events, and play-time in the GymKats Jungle to keep cubs active and engaged.



Cubs on the Bars
Bear Shuffles on Parallel Bars
Rolling on the Colourful Mat
Cubs Exploring the GymKats Jungle
Cubs Exploring the GymKats Jungle