Lions and Cubs II (2 & 3 years old)

Click here for the Lions and Cubs 2 Parent Information Letter

Parent/caregiver & tot programs provide active environments for children to explore gross and fine movement patterns, elementary gymnastics skills, and social skills.

*Instruction includes both structured, follow-the-leader activities, & unstructured exploration time. 


Lions and Cubs II classes focus on:

  • Building confidence walking, running, and swinging on various surfaces (with and without aid)

  • Learning to roll, cartwheel, swing on bars, and develop hand- and foot-eye coordination

  • Providing avenues for creative play 

  • Learning follow the leader, listening, cooperation, problem-solving, and communication skills

  • Practicing independence to prepare cubs for Kindergarten


*Note: Classes are 45 minutes in length, divided into musical warm-ups, gymnastics events, and play-time in the Jungle Gym to keep cubs active and engaged.



Cubs Learning Pike Swings
Locomotions on the Floor Beam
Pizza Pie Rolls
Front Rolls
Cubs Circle Activities