Hello fellow GymKats,

We had a very successful Open House today, and we met many new Kats and their families! We had a lot of interest and questions, and thought we would share answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions?

1. What does my child wear to gymnastics class?

2. When did you open?

3. Will you be offering different classes in upcoming months?

4. What is Ashley's coaching background?

1. For safety purposes, children must wear either a bodysuit or fitted clothing. Children who arrive at gymnastics in loose-fitting clothes (for example: in a skirt, a dress, or a baggy t-shirt), will not be allowed to participate, as these items may get caught between the child and the apparatus. ALSO, children must go barefeet in the GymKats Jungle, to reduce slipping hazards.

2. We opened in January 2015, so we are a brand new facility! Our first month of classes starts February 2nd - and we are very excited!

3. Coach Ashley will be altering class times based on demand and recommendation from parents. If there is a class or time that you would like to see offered, please let her know, in person or via email: gymkatsinc@gmail.com. Any schedule changes will be posted on the GymKats homepage.

4. Coach Ashley has been coaching for over a decade, in both recreational and competitive settings. She has also studied Sport Psychology at Queen's University, which she uses as a foundation for all of her classes. She has worked with children between the ages of 1-18 years old.

If you have any questions about GymKats, please email Ashley at gymkatsinc@gmail.com or call us at (647) 227-5231.

Thank-you again to all of the Kats for coming out to our Open House, we are excited to see your bright faces again soon!

Cartwheel often,

Kitty Cartwheel

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