Coaching Station Tip #1: Making position-learning fun!

At GymKats, we like to educate children (our Kats), parents, and other coaches! Every few weeks, I will post particularly fun and successful stations that we have covered, for any coaches who are interested in integrating them into their lesson planning.

We are starting our second week of classes, and I'm thoroughly enjoying creating new and fun circuits for our little Kats! Since everyone is new to gymnastics, we are learning basic positions (straight/pencil, tuck and pike). Sometimes these can get a bit redundant to learn, so here's a great station that makes it fun for coaches and tots:

What you will need:

1. Uneven Bars

2. String

3. Balloons

Tie one or two balloons to the high bar, at a heights between 1 and 3 feet off the ground (for the young gymnasts – see picture). Have children hang on the lower bar in ‘tuck position’ (facing the high bar), and open their legs out straight (now they are in ‘pike position’! If the bars are close enough, they will kick the balloons with their toes - this provides endless fun, but also helps them learn positions, work on eye-foot coordination, and strengthen their fingers, arms, and core!

Teaching Tip: Use elasticized string for extra young ones, or if teaching on full size bars, so that the balloons are closer to the children's height!


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