Tigers (9 & 10 years old - Girls Only)

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This program provides an environment for children to learn to tumble, swing, balance, and twist through circuits that are designed to develop strength, agility, and elementary gymnastics skills.

*Instruction is formally led – and requires follow-the-leader skills. 


Tigers classes focus on:

  • Developing physical abilities, such as coordination, strength, agility, and spatial awareness

  • Learning elementary and intermediate gymnastics skills (for example: handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and walk-overs)

  • Learning social skills such as cooperation, communication, problem-solving and teamwork

  • Exploring circuits independently, which are designed to inspire the mind and provide time for creative play



Back Walkovers on Floor
Handstands on Block
Star Jump
Handstand Hold
Beam Dismounts
Taking Corrections