Why GymKats?


Why Choose GymKats for Your Child?

1.   A consistent and personal experience


We have a small team of coaches who are all nationally certified gymnastics coaches, who deliver and adapt lessons to allow your child to work on the edge of their comfort zone=learn more skills!


2.   Instruction is based on sport, positive & child psychology foundations


Ashley and her team of coaches use their experience in gymnastics, sport, education, kinesiology, positive and child psychology to design lessons that fosters confidence, competence and social relationships.


3.   Blended class structure


The GymKats Approach utilizes structured circuits, that focus on developing physical and gymnastics skills; and unstructured circuits to provide your child with an opportunity to freely explore and play in their environments, in turn developing confidence, autonomy, and problem-solving skills.


4.   Each session is different - no repeats throughout the year

We develop our lesson plans to build on previous lessons throughout the year - so each session is different.  We showcase a new lesson plan every other week.  The duplicate 2-week lesson plan improves familiarity with new skills.  Please note: Stations within circuits will often be showcased multiple times throughout the year - as repetition of certain skills (i.e. front rolls down incline mat) are core progressions and improves each child's ability to master specific gymnastics skills.  

5.   Did we mention… Because it’s FUN!!



Play, learn gymnastics, and be active in Leaside